Sunday, November 30, 2008

December layout from Shirley

Shirley Barber created this layout from the December page map. Isn't it great!

December layouts from Roz

This is the page map for December, it is very similar to the November one, but slightly different.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final November layout from Roz

Stay tuned for details of December's page map.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kay's Card Choices

Card by Nicole Derendorf :
Kay says: "This is a very unusual card, I like the technique used with the vellum overlay and soft colours appearing through."

Card by Roz Veevers
Kay says: "Love this christmas card, it looks so festive without being overwhelming."

Card by Tina Hewett
Kay says: "Love the bright colours and layering on this card, very elegant."

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Cindy's Layout

Another gorgeous layout, this time from Cindy Banks.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shirley's Layout

Thanks for sharing Shirley.

Kay's Layout

Well done Kay.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Layout Challenge

In my efforts to learn more about scrapbooking, I will be setting a scrapbooking challenge each month. I will create a simple layout and the girls in the team will be challenged to use my layout as inspiration to create their own. I figure if we start simple we can all learn and practice together! I will upload all the layouts to this blog for everyone to enjoy. Please email for the page map for this project.

So here goes, here is the layout. It is 6" x 6".
The baby in the photo is Sophie, my surrogate neice.

Here are some of my other pages based on the same layout.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Michelle Beeby's Card Choices

Card by Jenny Soulsby :
Michelle says: "I have this set, and I always am worried how to make it look cool with Xmas colours, but this shows you how to use non-traditional colours."

Card by Nicole Derendorf:
Michelle says: "There are not better words to describe this card, just stunning. I wish I could get married again just so I could make my own invitations, and if I could, I WOULD be casing this one! :D Love it!"

Card by Nicole Derendorf:
Michelle says: "Not a card, but love how you could make these, insert into a card and you have a ready made present! PLUS you could try casing these to make card fronts.. Love them!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Card Choices from Cindy Banks

Card by Roz Veevers :
Cindy says: "I think this Christmas Card Roz has made is beautiful. I really like the non traditional colours she has used, but still makes the card look very much like a christmas card. I also like how the So Swirly wheel has been incorporated to the card with the shadow effect. Great idea!"

Michelle Beeby says: "
This card just says 'homey' to me.. You feel at home and comfortable, this is the type of card I love to make and send."

Card by Roz Veevers:
Cindy says: "Another stunning card created by our wonderful team leader Roz. I really like the colours Roz has used on this card they blend so well together, a simply but very elegant card that can be used for any occasion."

Card by Nicole Derendorf:
Cindy says: "I love this reflection technique, it's the kind of effect everybody looks at and goes how do you do that. The colours Nicole has used are perfect in making this card look so stunning. Beautiful work!"

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christine Rowland's Card Picks

Card by Juliann Williams :
Christine says: "I really like this card because I have this set from last christmas and didn't want to use it this christmas, but this makes it look totally different. It is really nice and love the polka dots in the background. Didn't even think of pulling that one out for my chrissy cards. Great Job... Love it "

Card by Roz Veevers:
Christine says: "I love how Roz has done the shaving foam background. I have heard of this technique and seen other cards made with it but never really liked it. I love the colour Roz has used in the shaving foam and how it is just the one colour but has gone into lots of different shades of that colour. The other ones I have seen have used more than one colour which has made them look like a childrens painting. This is very Classy, and She has topped it off with my favourite stampset. Love the technique, love the colours, love the stamp set."

Card by Cindy Banks:
Christine says: "I love what Cindy has done with this card. I really like these colours together. I like how Cindy punched holes above the scallop edge. And the Designer Series Paper really sweet. And the sentiment can be changed for all sorts of occassions."

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shirley Barber's Card Choices

Card by Julia Emms:
Shirley says: "Like this because it's the first 'set' I have seen and it's my favourite colour scheme. I love the simplicity of design ie , not any clutter or bling just pretty and girly ."

Card by Christine Rowland:
Shirley says: "Well done .Coordinating colouring me any way. Scalloped edge under striped paper is a classy touch . The shading on the flowers looks really great."

Card by Sharon Griffiths:
Shirley says: "I chose this one because it is pretty and bold. The back ground looks arty, while the flowers really jump out from the card. I like the effect gained from the flowers overlapping the edges. Well done."

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Card Choices from Kay Koufalakis

Card by Michelle Beeby:
Kay says: "I love the bright colours on this card, and the way Michelle has used the scrapkit to make a card."

Card by Shirley Barber:
Kay says: "This card is a lovely wedding card. So simple and the colours are perfect for the occasion."

Card by Kerrie-Ann Rootsey:
Kay says: "The colours on this card work well together, and I really like how Kerrie has inked around the edges of the flowers on the ribbon."

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jenny Soulsby's Card Picks

Card by Kay Koufalakis:
Jenny says: "I love the action element to this card."

Card by Kay Koufalakis:
Jenny says: "This is great fun and thinks outside the square."

Card by Kay Koufalakis:
Jenny says: "Love the 'river' flowing through this card. Different from the usual rectangle/circle matting. Love the colours too."

Images © 1990-2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Changes to Stamp Camp

Due to unforseen circumstances, the format for Stamping by the Sea has changed to a one day event.

You can still book into the hotel on Saturday as you were planning, if you were planning on sleeping over. We will NOT be doing any formal stamping workshops on Saturday, so you can go shopping at Collonades or along Beach Rd, you can go to the beach, or you can do some stamping at the hotel.

We (the organisers) will come down on Saturday evening to set up the room for the next day, meet everyone who is staying over and have some fun stamping time together.

On Sunday the camp will begin at 9am, and the first session will go for 4 hours. Each teacher will have a 40 minute session with you, and there will not be more than 5 people per table.

We will break for an hour for lunch and then have another 4 hour session after lunch, ending the day at 6pm.


For those people who live closer to the hotel, you will be able to arrive on Sunday morning and join in for the camp. For anyone who had to leave early on Sunday, we will make sure that you have ALL the kits and ALL the instructions and stamped pieces to complete each project.

So basically, for those people who want to sleep over on the Saturday night, it can be a two day event for you. If you want to go to the pageant and only want to come on Sunday, it will be a one day event. The weekend will be what you want to make of it.

Email for more details

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Card Choices from Roz

Card by Kerrie-Ann Rootsey:
Roz says: "I love brown and pink, so this card caught my eye straight away. I LOVE the way Kerrie has used just enough white to make it totally pop. The sponging on the scallops finishes the card off beautifully, it is those little details that make such a difference. Really beautiful work, Kerrie-Ann!"

Card by Kay Koufalakis:
Roz says: "I adore this card. it actually made me gasp when I first saw it. It is just so unlike anything i have seen or done and is so unexpected. I just love it. LOVE everything about it!"

Card by Juliann Williams:
Roz says: "I chose this card because it is a great example of Juliann's work. She has an unbelievable sense of style and balance, with the perfect amount of attention to the small details. I admire her work so much, I wish we lived closer so I could attend some classes!"

It was really, REALLY difficult to choose my three card picks, because everyone does such amazing work. I am so proud to be their manager, it makes me feel very humble indeed when I see the standard of work from the amazing people in my team. Thank you all!

Kerrie-Ann's Card Picks

Card by Jenny Soulsby:
Kerrie-Ann says: "The reason I like this one is that it is something different than the usual red and green Christmas cards. It is also quite simple in it's design and I like simple, suits my personality! Might have to do some in this colouring myself but will have to change the stamps as I don't have that one."

Card by Jacqui Corbett:
Kerrie-Ann says: "I guess the colouring is one of the reasons I like this card, the blue, green and "orange", although I'm not sure that is what the colour actually is, but it looks orangy to me, look good together and are colours I probably wouldn't have put together. I also like this stamp set because it is a bit different to the normal ones you get."

Kay says: "
I adore these in colours that Jacquie has used in this card, Wild rose is one of my favourite stamp sets and this card has been designed beautifully.

Card by Juliann Williams:
Kerrie-Ann says: "I like this one because it's just so sweet. I like the colouring and the way the wording shows behind the bird and aperture...a lot of thought went into making it I'm sure."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shirley Barber's Card Choices

Card by Roz Veevers:
Shirley says: "Roz's card is showing off her skills. The cut out gift boxes look great and coordinate well with the background patterned paper."

Card by Kay Koufalakis:
Shirley says: "Kay's card too, shows off some real thinking outside the square. Loved the centre panels with the torn edges and the overlapping greeting."

Card by Jacqui Corbett:
Shirley says: "I like this one because it's well done with the wheel image and the different greetings at the top , then the use of the word punch and greeting at bottom. I think it's different and one I'd like to try."

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Card Choices from Cindy Banks

Layout by Julia Emms:
Cindy says: "This layout Julia has done is so cute, the way she has chosen to embellish with the gold crown has really made this page. Julia has cordinated the colours and stamps so simply well to suit the theme. I love it!"

Card by Christine Rowland:
Cindy says: "I like this baby card because it's a vesitle design, just by chosing different colour combinations it can be either for a boy or girl. I also like this card because my favourite combo is scallops and ribbon. Very Sweet!

Card by Juliann Williams:
Cindy says: "This card is so simply but gorgeous to look at, I really like the colour choice and the pricking down the side gives the finishing touch to the card. Very Pretty!"

Jenny says: "
Love the colours, very clean and simple card. Elegant."

Images © 1990-2008

Stamp Camp Projects

These are some of the projects we will be presenting at the camp:

Make a pop up card with Roz.

Make a mini album with Jacqui.

There are still some spaces available, please email for more details.

Join us to make these Projects - Southern Suburbs

Join us for the Southern Suburbs Stamping & Scrapbooking Fair at Reynella East Primary/High School on Sunday, October 19th.

Make the following projects at our stall:

FREEBIE: Create a sheet of three stamped tags- perfect for Christmas

BUDGET: Create these cards, and two others, for $3 each.

LAYOUTS: Create two different layouts for $10 each